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InterVal is the umbrella organization of International Valuation Consultants Inc. and International Forensic & Litigation Appraisal Services Inc. These two companies have had considerable practical experience and a successful track record as solvers of complex problems pertaining to the many facets of real estate, with a focus on forensic appraisal and litigation support. InterVal's head office is strategically located within the Airport Corporate Centre located in the City of Mississauga within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).


InterVal is committed to the highest ethical standards, while providing clients with timely independent and objective opinions and advice.

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Appraising The Other Parcel - Not to be
Confused With The Larger Parcel.

When the appraiser couldn't find comparable sales for the taking of an easement strip measuring 30' by 4,600' (3.2 acres) across a 272-acre farm, he ingeniously substituted another parcel for the taking, which he then appraised at an amount which formed the basis of the compensation awarded. Read More...


Bait and Switch - Highest and Best Use.

What's that stuff called that baffles brains?


The AACI Puppet Appraiser - Highest and Best Use.

Thank God I don't get paid to think! Another appraiser representing the same party as in the preceding expropriation did what he was told to do by his legal counsel. Read More...


On the lighter side - for the person who has everything