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Alternative Valuation Methods for Leasehold Properties


Appraisal Review: An Emerging Discipline


Capitalization & Valuation Process


Ground Lease Interpretation - Rent Review & Adjustment Valuation Issues


Intellectual Dishonesty From an Appraisal Perspective


Pension Fund Appraisals: Where's the Value?


Rental Dispute Arbitration


Valuation of Leased Income - Producing Properties Exhibiting Excess Rent


Expropriation & Condemnation: The Larger Parcel


The Forensic Appraiser


Where the Overall Cap Rate Meets the Discount Rate


Subdivision Development Method: Risk, Profit & Developer Surveys


When is Subdivision the Highest and Best Use?


Appraisal Standards & Professional Negligence Claims


Ground Lease Rental Disputes


A Review of the Subdivision Development Method


Expropriation Claims for Increased Development Costs and Loss of Profit


Expropriation Appraisal Review


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